Still Carrying Your Story Ideas Around?

How long have you been putting it off? You know, that story you’ve been wanting to tell for… long? What’s holding you up? Let me answer that for you. IT’S YOU!!

As a master procrastinator, I can tell you from experience that there is not an event in life, besides death or possibly sickness (hopefully you’re neither) that can keep you away from telling your story. So why have you percolated away from clicking those keys and sharing your thoughts?

There are two many resources, MYSELF INCLUDED, that are available to help you digitally upload or print your final manuscript so there is no reason to keep putting it off. With a little bit of time, patience, a few edits and a determination to type “THE END” you can can complete your story now.

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2018 is almost over.

Your story is waiting……

I remember when I started writing my first book, Trust Me Not. I had fiddled around with it for forever and then one day…someone told me in so many words that if I didn’t waste my time worrying about things that didn’t add to me, I’d be finished my book by now. OUCH! It was the tough talk that I needed. I had no idea where to start but I was a book reader and I had plenty of books to look at to figure out the basic format. Then I had the good ol’ internet so the rest was history.

I wrote my heart out and when I finally typed “The END” it was the best feeling ever. Now I I just want to type “The END” many more times as well as help others who want to type “The END”. Is that you? Well, as with anything if you want it it is there for the taking. If you need help getting started or finishing your story, click the link > and choose what you need.

One thing that helps to keep me from procrastinating… much, is knowing that someone is waiting to hear/read your story. So get to writing!

JEWEL: Holding on to your story will not let the feeling go away. Writing your story will. Get to writing!

Robin Danielle

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